Tuesday, April 16, 2013

West Bloomfeld JCC Evacuated Due To Suspicious Bags

Fox Detroit: Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield evacuated

The Jewish Community Center of Metropolitan Detroit has been evacuated while police investigate several suspicious bags that were found on Tuesday.

No updates since the initial report. Here's hoping its just a precaution and an overreaction regarding some duffel bags, but considering the owners can't be found they're not taking any chances.

Such precautions sadly seem quite reasonable these days.

Update: According to The Detroit News, the two bags, now describes as suitcases left in the shrubs outside the building were found to be empty. This is rather curious, as who leaves two empty suitcases in shrubs beside a building?


Scott said...

Perhaps someone on a mission from the Knights who say "Nee"?

Or, more seriously, a dry run to test response times and methods?

Or, an ignoramus whose chief occupation in life is to cause trouble for people?

Aaron said...

My bet would be on a dry run to test awareness and responses.