Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Freep Editorial: Ignore 94 Million Gun Owners And Pass A Bill The Freep Didn't Read

The Detroit Free Press, in its editorial Ignore the gun lobby and start substantive debate on background checks calls on lawmakers to ignore the opposition to, and the clear defects in, the background check bill being proposed and push it ahead as progressives want it.

The Freep Editor clearly didn't read the bill, doesn't understand current firearms laws and basically doesn't have a clue what he/she is editorializing about.

Now, how do I know the Freep idiotor (sorry, editor - ok not really, if the ink stain fits and all that) didn't read it?

Well, if they had they would have seen that their prized background check bill is less about background checks and more about creating felons out of law abiding gun owners.

First we begin with their laughable statement that

There’s no defensible argument against background checks.

First there's the very defensible and principled argument that background checks if done wrong can lead to de-facto registration lists of gun owners and a path to confiscation.

Second, even if one ignores the registration angle and still considers that there's no defensible argument to background checks, there are lots of defensible arguments against this particular bill on background checks. Two different things indeed.

The bill is less about background checks on sales of firearms than the criminalization of very innocent transfers of firearms, including such temporary transfers such as letting someone else try your firearm at a range or leaving your house occupied by your roommate with your gun still in the home.

In other words, to make it simple for the Freep, the bill while claiming to be about background checks is far more encompassing and far worse than that, and it is deserving of defeat.

But not content to just level an emotionally-driven appeal for backgound checks, they try to bolster their argument by really going into la-la land:

And let’s face it, proving you can legally own a gun is no more burdensome than proving you can legally own a car, or buy a home. Given the lethality of firearms — and the cultural connection they have to violence and murder in American society — the hurdles to legal ownership are quite reasonable.

Really? I've never been fingerprinted to get a license to drive a vehicle, and never ever had a background check before buying a car at a dealer or even in a (gasp) private sale. Enlighten me about your car buying background-check experience, O Freep idiotor, and tell me all about the background check you had to go through before purchasing your vehicle? Take your time, I'll wait.

Next, I distinctly recall a lack of background checks when I purchased a home. Sure, there was a credit check for the mortgage but no criminal checks, and there was absolutely no background check, credit or otherwise before signing the purchase agreement. Tell me, O all-knowing idiotor, what criminal background check you had before buying your home legally? Again, I'll wait.

In other words, after not even reading the bill, the Freep spreads a line of nonsense to fool people into thinking buying a gun is as easy as buying a house or car and that anyone against background checks could only possibly be in the employ of gun manufacturers.

Let's not ignore the fact that gun manufacturers sell their wares through Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers, all of whose sales must already go through - yes you guessed it - a background check.

In other words, the Freep idiotor is absolutely clueless.

So the Freep levies a baseless defamatory canard against gun manufacturers along with their over-wrought, counter-factual, and emotionally-driven anti-firearms drivel.

This editorial was indeed drafter by an ignorant idiotor.

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