Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's Some Fugly Money

The US Government has announced the roll-out of the new $100 bill, due to start circulating this October and it is not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

While the bill has enhanced security features, poor Ben must feel he was just struck by lightning while flying his kite, or by a graffiti tagger on crack. There are multiple vivid splashes of color all around the bill, accompanied by a purple broken stripe reminiscent of when a cash register is running low on receipt tape. I mean Purple and Orange on a pale green background? Yuck.

While the US $100 bill has gone through many changes to prevent counterfeiting, including government-sponsored counterfeiting such as by Iran and others, there was no need to ugly up the bill this much in order to save it.

At least they could have gotten creative and had Ben's eyes roll around when the bill is held to bemoan the loss in value of the dollar, or perhaps a watermark of a kite hit by lightning might have been apt.

To think we once accused the Canadians of having monopoly money.....