Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Disney Cruise Day 2

Day 2 was a magical Sunday at sea.

It started off with the kids waking up early at the crack of dawn and going to sit out on the veranda to let us sleep in. After watching the sea for awhile, they returned inside and flipped on the room TV to watch some Disney cartoons.

We then got dressed and went to breakfast.

The breakfast buffet was awesome - tons of different kids of smoked fish, eggs - including Eggs Benedict, pastries, yogurts, cereals and all the bacon you could eat, because bacon. Yum.

On the voyage we passed by Cuba. But for communism, the island would have enormous potential as a cruise stop for every ship along the way and as a great place for tourism and travel.

The rest of the day was mainly spent in one or more of the pools on board, as well as walking around the ship, and the kids checked into the Oceaneer's Club and Lab and had a pretty good time.

Tash then took Abby to the Anyone Can Cook presentation where they learned how to make and got to taste fresh made Apple Strudel. I took Leah to the pools and we swam around and had a good time.

The water was a beautiful deep blue, with the sea mostly empty except for an occasional passing cruise liner in the distance.

Sunday was Superbowl Sunday, so they showed the big game on the Funnel Vision and had all sorts of game day foods available on the deck.

Sunday also happened to be the formal night on board, so you had an interesting juxtaposition of people in suits and even tuxes, and the rest in sports attire for watching the game. We went the formal route and had a very fancy dinner that was great.

The show for the night was Aladdin - a really impressive Broadway-level musical reprise of the film that was fantastic. The Genie was hilarious, with different lines than the film, suitably adding in current cultural references and the kids loved it.

The ship had loads of stuff to do while at sea and the kids weren't bored for a minute. A great second day.


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