Friday, February 01, 2013

The ABA Doubles Down On The Stupid

ABA Journal: Quoting Scalia, ABA president says Second Amendment rights have limits

Not content with annoying a vast number of members with her press release endorsing Feinstein's Assault Weapons ban, she showed up and claiming to speak on behalf of the ABA and its members before Congress.

ABA president Laurel Bellows, having leaned nothing and forgotten nothing dutifully testified like a good, coastal elite anti-gunner to Congress that the ABA supports the proposed ban and thinks it is just ducky.

That's a nice slap in the face to the many members who raised an issue with this unilateral decision to back such an unconstitutional law.

Bellow's selective quoting of Scalia's opinion in Heller and the misleading analysis of the quotes drawn by her in her testimony, as reported in the article, was an especially nice touch, and one that would get you slapped in court if you tried it before a judge.

While the ABA's president and board may support such a move, many of its members seem to be saying otherwise by resigning to protest the ABA's support of this proposed violation of the Second and Fifth Amendments.

If the ABA wishes to reduce itself to a legal group that acts as a platform for the left, so be it. It sure doesn't represent me, nor the vast number of conservative and constitution-respecting (the two are not necessarily synonymous) lawyers out there.

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