Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today's Award For Loathsome Criminal Idiot Goes To ...

Kurtis Thorsted, 55, of Salinas, California!

Step up to claim your prize, fifty-one swift kicks in the nads.

The Detroit News: Search for missing family on boat ends, raising questions of a hoax in California

In discussing the latest search and rescue off of California, that is now suspected to be a hoax costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in rescuer's time and fuel, we hear about the illegal antics of good ol' Mr. Thorsted:

Kurtis Thorsted, 55, of Salinas, Calif., was released from federal prison last summer after being convicted, for the second time, of making false calls to the Coast Guard. Court records show he made 51 distress calls over a five-month period, claiming in one case to be in trouble in a kayak off the coast of Santa Cruz.

That's more than two false distress calls made by him per week over that time period.

When you think of all the time taken up by this jerk's fraudulent calls, not to mention the risk to the potential rescuers searching for these hoax emergencies, that's pretty bad. Even worse, real people in distress might lose out when resources that could have been used to save them are diverted by idiots like Thorsted on wild goose chases.

If this latest missing boat claim turns out to be a hoax and they find the perpetrator(s), I suggest they take him or them up on a Coast Guard helicopter to about 12 miles offshore, don life-jackets, and drop him (them)in the ocean and let him (them) swim for it.

That should considerably cut down on recidivism and deter the next hoaxer.

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