Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Obama Ammunition Economy: In Stock And Out In Less Than An Hour

One of the online vendors form whom I regularly buy my 9mm match and practice shooting ammo sent a notification email while I was out that they had just got some 124gr 9mm in stock.

As soon as I saw the email I went to order. Before I even got to order, in less than 45 minutes, they were once again out of stock.

Forget About Snooze You Lose, How about gone before you know of it?

Its certainly a high demand item these days, and match season is coming up.

With this level of activity, we can thank the firearms and ammunition sector for preventing our economy from sliding from a recession into a depression.


Scott said...

Time to buy some 9mm dies for that Dillon!

Murphy's Law said...

What Scott said.

PLus, ammo'd be easier to find if the .gov didn't have a priority call on much of the domestic production of .40 and 5.56mm this year. The ammo companies are already bound to sell more than they can produce to the government, thus keeping it off of the shelves for our purchase? Coincidence? You tell me.

Aaron said...

Scott: Thinking about it, but components are now also hard to find. During normal times the cost/time factor to reload for nine is higher than the cost of picking some up in bulk so I tend to reload for .45 and other higher cost calibers.

ML: I doubt much that this administration does is mere coincidence.
That its a priority call rather than a definite and repeating order makes it worse as the companies don't invest in expanding their production plants, making the shortage even worse. This is not happy-making.