Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Disney Cruise Day 3 Part 2 D2

After a surface interval we dove site number two, for Dive number 231.

The Site chosen for the dive was Lone Star Ledges - a series of coral ledges that rose above the sandy floor, allowing for lots of interesting marine life.

Mike and I decided to do our own thing and navigate the Ledges on our own without the guide.

The site had abundant interesting coral and fish:

Then just as the dive was ending and Mike and I headed for the up line, we saw this:

Absolutely majestic, the stingray "flew" through the water with grace and beauty that was just breathtaking.

Seeing the stingray was very happy-making.

Soon it was time to leave, but what a great dive.

Red Sail Sports then too us back to the beach from where their boat had picked us up, with plenty of time to have a leisurely stroll back to the ship.

I can certainly say that Red Sail Sports ran a fantastic dive op and it was simply a fantastic experience.

Dive 231 Details:

Dive Time: 47 minutes
Max Depth: 44 feet
Average Depth: 31 feet
Water Temp: 81 degrees

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