Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Disney Cruise Day 3 Part 1

Day 3 saw us arrive at Grand Cayman.

The ship did not dock in port, so Tash and the kids headed off on a tender to their adventure on land.

They did a tour of Grand Cayman, including visiting Hell.

After the tour of the island they stopped by a turtle farm and were able to handle the baby sea turtles, and major cuteness resulted.

They also some some huge iguanas at the farm.

Then they went to snorkel with stingrays, and they encountered the only issue we had the whole cruise. Unfortunately, it was a bad combination of wavy seas, an insufficient number tour guides for supervision for a very large group, and water that, while chest deep to an adult, was way overhead for kids. The kids flipped and after briefly petting a stingray, they got out of the water post-haste, skipping the feeding session and sat on the boat and watched the adults pet the rays.

The they did a little shopping and met me at the dock and we then boarded the tender together.

Overall, they had a great experience on Grand Cayman.

My port adventure in Grand Cayman you ask? Next post.

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