Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Disney Cruise Day Six - Another Fun Day At Sea.

No Port today. We had left Cozumel in the night, crossed a time zone and were on our way to Castawy Cay.

In lieu of port activities, there was plenty to do on the ship.

After breakfast, the kids demanded to see the incredible diaper dash - a little race starring the babies on board.

Some babies took off and crawled that track toward the toy Jack-Jacks at the end like little Olympians. Others did the "You want me to do what?" or the "Hey look, squirrel" technique and didn't quite follow the lines, or indeed do anything except sit there and look adorable.

Then it was off to the magic workshop for kids, put on by Magic Dave Williamson.

First, as each kids came in, the received a piece of paper, two paper clips and a long piece of string.

The place kept filling up and soon it was standing room only, but as soon as enough kids were there even before the official start time he started enthralling them by calling kids up to do some tricks.

Then with the patience of a saint, he taught them how to do many different magic tricks and put on a mini-show and taught the kids how to do them.

He's got some amazing talent and is a truly gracious gentleman - a world class magician who is truly a class act.

Then we put the kids in the Oceaneer's Lab and headed to some adult fun - a Martini tasting.

Five different martinis awaited tasting:

First the bartender gave us the history of the Martini, and then we tried them in order - a classic Martini (Gin and Vermouth), A Dirty Martini (Vodka), A Tequila Martini, A Rum/Midori Martini, and for dessert, a chocolate Espresso Martini.

It was to be a five course meal.

The classic and Dirty Martini arrived in front of us first and were soon joined by others.

Before drinking we learned how each was made, and the difference between a shaken or stirred Martini. The bartender's secret in the case of the dirty Martini was that he didn't add olive juice, instead he muddled olives which really enhanced the flavor.

A very educational event with very good taste.

After more fun activities on the ship, including running a complete circuit of the ship with the kids on the fourth deck promenade, we went to dinner.

It was a special meal at the Animators Palate - special because everyone drew a character on a special form, the forms were collected and the characters were then animated and added to a Disney animation show. Very cool.

After the animation show ended, the kids also amazed their waiters with the tricks they had learned from Magic Dave - after the magic show, they had diligently practiced the tricks he taught them and did a good job as budding illusionists.

Dessert was, as always, awesome.

At night, Magic Dave did a late night adults-only show, and it was worth watching.

Here's an example of one of the tricks he did at the adult show:

A great time, then it was off to get ready for the next day at Castaway Cay and to get some sleep.

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