Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Democrat Cognitive Dissonance On Women And Guns

In actuality it is probably not cognitive dissonance as they are too ignorant and stupid to realize thier views conflict.

Democrat Thought 1: Women can't handle AR-15s.

According to Democrats, AR-15s are just too hard for women, the poor dears, to operate.

Democrat Rep Carolyn McCarthy: A Rifle Better for Women’s Self Defense Than AR-15s.
Let's take a moment to celebrate Rep McCarthy's (she of the shoulder-thing-that-goes-up) ignorance here - an AR15 IS a rifle. Indeed, it is easier to use with lower recoil and easier operating procedures than traditional hunting rifles.

Democrat Vice President Biden: You don't need an AR-15, it's harder to aim, it's harder to use.

According to Biden an AR-15 is harder to use than a double barreled shotgun. Not true. The AR15 not only has significantly less recoil than a double-barreled shotgun, but is more accurate, handier, and holds more shots than the two shells of a double-barreled shotgun.

Democrat Thought 2: Women should be able to serve in combat in the military and can handle M-4s.

Both VP Biden and Rep Carolyn McCarthy are strong proponents of letting women serve in combat positions.

The M-4, the fully automatic version of the AR-15, has the same weight and the same operating mechanism of the AR-15, but with the added complexity of a selector switch that moves to (oh how difficult!)a third position for burst or fully automatic fire rather than the (simpler!) two position switch on the AR-15.

How in the world will the poor females in the military handle such a complex firearm?

I know, they'll get a man to help!

According to these Democrats, women are both strong, independent persons able to serve in combat and stand on their own, yet at the same time they are too helpless, dumb and weak to operate what is really a very simple device in their own defense - the same device they would be issued with in the military to serve in combat.

Yes, these Democrat idiots are busy making laws to infringe our rights while being completely ignorant of the subject matter, not to mention being both insulting to, and dismissive of American women at the same time.

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