Monday, July 13, 2020

What, You Think Criminals And Their Supporters Don't Lie?

The protests continue about the thug who fired shots at Detroit police and was then killed when they returned fire.

Of course, his buddies and the Detroit branch of BLM are still protesting about it.

The lies began almost immediately, with the classic "He had his hands up" lie by his family member:

Loved ones on the scene cried and were incensed, with Asar Amen-Ra, who said he was Littleton’s uncle, questioning police, calling for Craig to speak straight to those gathered and saying the time for peaceful protest was over.

He said his nephew was like many young men, working all the time and hanging out with his friends.

"We hear one thing from the police, and another thing from the community. The community told us that the police pulled up, told (him) to get on the ground. He put his hands up, and these mother f------ shot him in the back of the head," he said, adding his sister had been to the hospital and saw his nephew's body.

"He has got two shots in back of his head, plus other bullet wounds."

Well, no, no he doesn't. He also didn't have his hands up, he pulled a gun and fired four shots at the police.

So yes, the "community" lied its tail off as to what actually happened, as had occurred in multiple other similar incidents, including the first false "Hands up don't shoot" canard.

Detroit's BLMers of course continued to protest even Sunday, long after the video had been released and there's no question as to what the facts actually are.

The Detroit News: Activist released after protest; prosecutor declines to charge, but police plan to refile

So why are they protesting the death of a thug who was firing at police at the time of his justifiable demise?

Apparently they figure its systematic racism, really. Certainly defining that ninsensical term even further down.

"This is systemic racism," Taylor told 150-plus people on the lawn outside the center on the city's east side, "being played out in real time."

Apparently, according to Detroit BLM, Detroit police should simply accept being shot at by thugs, and then having protestors throw bricks and bottles at them after surviving an ambush attack - to do anything else would apparently be systematic racism.

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