Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Flying: Up 6, Down 6

Finally got some time to go flying and the weather was perfect for some after work pattern work.

Winds were calm all day, which was nice. Not a cloud below 5,000 feet.

They stayed calm as I got to the airport.

A good preflight, I added another quart of oil to get it up to 6 quarts, and it was time to get going.

Listening to the tower frequency ahead of time, the pattern had been busy but as I started up to taxi, the pattern calmed down a bit. Instead of the pattern, most pilots were heading off to the practice area to the north and I pretty much had the pattern to myself.

With no wind, my first landing was a bit of a floaty mess. I came in at a bit of a high angle with too much speed and floated nicely down the runway and the plane didn't really want to land. Still put it down nice and gently with no thumps even as it did eat up a whole lot of runway doing so.

Then, off to do it again and again. The landings got better each time, with no thumpers or aircraft carrier landings. By landings 5 and 6, I had the airspeed dialed in and was flying near-perfect patterns. Much tighter landings right on the center-line resulted.

Great to get back in the air again and it was some good and productive practice.

That's .9, and 6 landings ranging from meh to very nice.

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