Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Expect A Lot More Injuries When People Resist Arrest In NYC

New York City has decided, and other jurisdictions in the spirit of wokeness may follow, to ban police from using a variety of control techniques.

This includes choke-holds, and any other restraining maneuvers that may restrict blood or air flow to an alleged perpetrator.

In other words, a ton of non-lethal control techniques will be out the door. Expect a lot more physical injuries to occur for if police can't use retraining techniques to effect an arrest on someone resisting, they're going to have to resort to a lot more physical force to do so.

Instead of defunding the police, what is needed is more funding for far better training in the proper and appropriate use of restraint techniques including chokeholds - they can be used to safely and effectively to incapacitate a criminal resisting arrest as long as proper training is followed.

In the Floyd situation, they officers pretty clearly were not appropriately trained -

At least one officer was worried: Mr. Lane asked if the officers should roll Mr. Floyd over on his side.
“No, staying put where we got him,” Mr. Chauvin replied.
“I am worried about excited delirium or whatever,” Mr. Lane said.
“That’s why we have him on his stomach,” Mr. Chauvin responded.

Turning him onto his side would have made sense and helped him breathe, but Chavin apparently responded that keeping him belly down was the appropriate way to keep someone with ED, which is completely wrong - a lack of effective training certainly didn't help here, amongst other issues, inlcuidng the obvious that you don't keep your knee on someone's neck fro over 8 minutes.

Proper training and use of proper restraint techniques on the part of Police can effectuate arrests without people getting badly hurt - banning these techniques and you'll see an increase of taser firearms usage, not to mention possible broken bones from harder hand-to-hand techniques when the soft techniques are outlawed.


B said...

The knee on his neck wasn't what killed him. If you can inhale enough to speak, and complain that "I can't Breathe" then you can, indeed, breathe.

Having near lethal amounts of fentanyl in your system can, however, lead to your death when you are excited...add in alcohol and you might just die from the mix.

Beans said...

Fentanyl and Meth, with a heart condition. A deadly combination.

He was dead when he first said he couldn't breathe, when he was standing up.

No amount of trauma care or cardiac care on the spot, with the best doctors and best equipment, could have saved him. He kept moving, but he was dead already.