Friday, July 10, 2020

Gov Half-Whit To Michigan Property Owners And Businesses: "F You, Pay Me."

MiBiz: Whitmer vetoes property tax deferment bills

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed two bills that would have effectively deferred summer property tax payments to relieve struggling businesses and property owners during the pandemic.

This is the same governor that has ordered that tenants have not had to pay the rent for the past four months with no fear of being evicted.

Now landlords, not having received any rent for those months by her order, are still expected to come up with the property taxes for those properties on time or risk them going into tax foreclosure.

Commercial ventures, closed for months by her orders, and some like gyms which are still closed, will still have to come up with their property taxes on time without relief or sympathy from the governor for their loss caused by that same governor-ordered inability to operate and have revenue to pay those taxes.

Also, she provides no relief for homeowners affected by the economic disruption - they have to pay their property taxes as well.

If you're a tenant, you're golden in her eyes, after all, she cares about them and they're her core voting block.

If you own property or run a business, she doesn't give a damn about you except for your tax payments which better be in on time.

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Unknown said...

The reason for her wanting the tax money is because she so brightly shut the state down, nobody had any money taken out of their nonexistant pay check, for taxes, and now the state is hurting.
Myself, I am pissed at the Empress in Lansing, for making a law to force everyone to wear a mask in any public building or outside with a large crowd. I didn't read it,but I think that you are exempt if you are a BLM member. She is also charging
500$ for a violation. I didn't know that the governor could write laws, I thought that power rested with the legislative branch.
The scariest thing, is that I think that she is still on the list for VP for Biden, who if elected,won't be in office long,but his VP will take over, and it will be someone closer to being a socialist than Biden,that is for sure.