Wednesday, February 27, 2019

When Seconds Count, The Police In Detroit Are 12 Minutes Away, Or Maybe Over An Hour Away

When anti-gunners claim you don't need a firearm to defend yourself because the police will protect you, point them to the police response times in Detroit:

Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit: Detroit 911: Thousands in crisis left waiting for Detroit police

At a time when the city touts the fastest response time to 911 calls in well more than a decade — 12 minutes for priority one calls — thousands of the most urgent calls to police each year still leave victims waiting 30 minutes or more for help. Hundreds wait longer than an hour.

A 7 Action News investigation reveals that, over a 20-month period, 650 priority one calls took more than 60 minutes to receive a response. The calls include reports of active shootings, rapes in progress, felonious assaults, armed robberies, armed attacks from the mentally ill and suicides in progress.

12 minutes to respond to on ongoing rape, shooting, felonious assault, or other armed attack can be an eternity in and of itself. Having to wait over 60 minutes for a response can be a lifetime.

You're still very much on your own in Detroit, and probably in most cities across the USA that have high crime rates. The police will get there in enough time to write up a report and maybe catch the bad guys after the fact, but that's cold comfort when you're facing a deadly threat for over 60 minutes on your own waiting for them to arrive.

One of the reasons for the lousy response times, aside from sheer negligence and incompetence in handling calls, is there's just not enough police in Detroit to adequately protect the citizenry. The same unit can't be in the different places at once.

Detroit has too few cops and too much crime.

In Detroit you're still very much on your own, plan accordingly.


Old NFO said...

They actually have NO duty to protect...

Aaron said...

Old NFO: No, they absolutely don't have any duty to protect. That's another thing the antis always fail to understand or neglect to mention.

Now, even without a legal obligation to protect the average citizen, I'd expect most Detroit cops would want to actively get out there and catch criminals but the sad fact is there's not enough of them to cover the area and level of crime, not to mention being hamstrung by various policies to make sure they're nice to criminals and that they'll be hung out to dry the minute anything controversial gets whipped up.