Tuesday, February 05, 2019

When The Left Runs Out Of Outrage, It Just Manufactures Some More

Whether as a desperate distraction from the Democrat Governor of Virginia's dalliance with blackface, or just a standard cry for attention, the latest leftist manufactured outrage is getting a fair bit of media coverage.

The outrage? That the venerable children's classic movie Mary Poppins, made in 1964, is racist! This is because Mary, Dick Van Dyke, and the kids get soot on their faces while acting as chimney sweeps, which is clearly racist because, well, the left declares it to be so.

The Detroit Free Press: Is 'Mary Poppins' racist and using blackface? Twitter is not having it

Anyone who actually viewed the movie with half a brain-cell not corrupted by leftist cant isn't having it either. Sometimes soot is just soot, and chimney sweeps are indeed chimney sweeps.

Considering the professor that wrote this clap-trap has a BA in History from Yale and a PHD in English from Harvard It doth seem that our so-called elite academic institutions have turned out "scholars" incapable of understanding context nor of being able to conduct non-ideologically based critical thinking.

Or conversely, all the great things in the English department have already been written about, and this surplus of scholars turned out by these elite institutions are now stuck inventing imaginary offenses of racism and creating issues of class struggle wherever they can manufacture them so they can publish something.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...


Conservative racism is in code.

That is what they mean by learning to code. Right?

See. Even English major can learn to "code".

ProudHillbilly said...

Watched the movie at Christmas, then read the book to see how close it came. There's a chapter in the book that couldn't get published today. Total face palm. But the attitudes of the book and Traver's time are not in the movie. Soot is just soot.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

That is the problem with people virtue signalling. They are using the prism of today and going back in history to pick something apart that is part of our past. Mark Twain has fallen afoul of this as had the book and movie "To kill a mockingbird".