Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Today we experienced another of a Michigan Winter's charms: An ice storm.

Road are slick and slippery and the Driveway of Doom™ is covered in a quarter inch thick sheer coating of ice and schools are closed again for the 4th consecutive Wednesday in a row.

The kids claim this means the No School Wednesdays clause is invoked and is now in effect and their schools can no longer hold classes on Wednesdays after consistently cancelling them for a month in a row. It may be a myth but if enugh students beleive it with sufficient fervor....

The School Board rejects this reality and is substituting it own as Michigan schools are running short of snow/bad weather days.

On the upside both kids have decided that school time off means they need to do other things and one of them is baking. They just made an awesome chocolate cake complete with icing from scratch following a recipe with most tasty results. After chipping all that ice, a chocolate cake is rather happy-making.

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