Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Ice Storm The Second, Now With Even More Thrills and Spills

A nice ice storm with snow and freezing rain began this morning. I had to head out to an early morning appointment and boy was I in for a fun time. Plowed the Driveway of Doom™ and it worked decently enough with the snow with a crust of ice on top.

Traffic was super slow with a solid inch of snow on the street and rapidly freezing rain settling on top of it and everything else in sight.

Multiple accidents on the highway on ramp and on the highway itself, mainly spin outs, some of which looked like they took some talent to achieve. The highway was 25 mph at its best with no lane markings visible and no sign of any plowing.

Get to my destination and after the appointment have to scrape ice off the car. Back to the office on still very lousy roads. The office parking lot was a complete skating rink.

Then after some time at the office, as it seemed to keep getting worse I grabbed some work and headed home.

The Driveway of Doom™ was a complete sheet of ice by this point and slippery as heck. The car barely made it up and it was a close run thing with a fair bot of slip, thankfully the kids had heeded my text and threw some ice melter down in quantity just before I got home.

On to chipping the ice off the driveway with the kids who get yet another snow day.

About a tenth to a quarter inch of clear ice had accumulated that had to be chipped away with shovels and was slippery as heck,

I fell - ouch, the kids fell, even Jett the dog fell - and he comes equipped with 4-paw drive.

Chipping done, driveway is clear for now, but another storm is rolling on in. This winter is starting to suck pretty darn hard.

Now to do some work with the computer with a hot beverage in hand.


juvat said...

You know it is legal to move from Michigan, right? We can always use a few more lawyers from the right side of the law (if you know what I mean) here in Texas.

Aaron said...

juvat: That is a possibility once the kids graduate high school.....