Thursday, February 07, 2019

Detroit - Now With 42% Less Arson!

In a race to claim with pride the title of tallest midget at the fair, Detroit officials are happy to report that while there's more active arson in Detroit than elsewhere with many, many, more structural fires than comparable cities by an order of magnitude, the overall arson is now down by a lot.

The reason for the reduction could be there's less stuff left to burn now.

The Detroit News: Detroit blazes see huge decline

The fire fighters union on the other hand notes that this is nice but just changes the conditions from have improved merely from "Armageddon" to "insane.".

the city is now fighting an average of seven structure fires per day. That's down from about 30 per day that firefighters say they were battling five years ago.

Despite some progress, other large Midwestern cities reviewed by The Detroit News revealed Detroit's daily structure fire average outpaces them by more than three times. For example, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Columbus, Ohio, both average fewer than two structure fires per day even though Milwaukee has a greater density of people and Columbus has 56 percent more land.

In short while a percentage reduction is nice, and hopefully is reducing the risk to firefighters and other innocents, the total number of fires still ongoing is much too high. Detroit still has a huge problem with arsonists playing with matches.


Chuck Pergiel said...

Maybe this is nature's way of getting rid of unwanted buildings.

Scott said...

Tastes Great!

Less Filling!