Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Warranty Covers Everything But The Part That Breaks

I have a Kwikset electronic lock installed between the garage and house. Having a locked entrance form the garage to the house itself makes sense, especially as not very long ago there was a rash of break-ins by thieves who had a garage door opener reader that mad it easy for them to open a garage door, drive their car in, close the garage door, open the unlocked door into the house, load up and go. So a locked door there was a good idea, and a keypad makes it convenient to get back and forth.

It's lasted for almost twelve years now and just began acting up now. In short it won't open via the keypad anymore and can't be fixed. While the finish and mechanics have a lifetime warranty, the electronics of it only have a one year. Sigh.

Off to amazon to buy a replacement. The joy of shopping from home and home delivery in an ice storm.


drjim said...

Depending on the type of keypad used, many of them can be taken apart, the contacts cleaned, and restored to operation for another long period.

Aaron said...

drjim: The keypad works and beeps for a while, then flashes read and beeps for a few hours while not working. I can put in new batteries or remove and replace existing batteries and it works for a few minutes and then flashes and stops working again. I may try and take it apart just for fun but its likely something is pretty badly broken.