Friday, January 26, 2018

Some Criminals Never Learn

You would think there would come a time when criminals would decide they were getting a little old in the tooth to ply their trade, especially when it comes to the more violent types of incursions.

Not our stupid criminal of the day however. At 72 years old, he's still out and about doing home invasions.

The Detroit News: Man charged in attempted Royal Oak home invasion

This isn't his first time around the block considering he was a parolee when he committed the crime.

Nope, you might call him a professional well-acquainted with the system and a look at his record online bears this out:

He's got convictions for Home Invasion - 1st Degree in 2005 that got him a 10 year sentence

Breaking and Entering Occupied Building With Intent in 1989 with a 5-15 year sentence

Robbery Armed in 1990 (yep before he was sentenced on the 1989 crime he went out and did another one) that got him a 10-30 year sentence

And another Breaking and Entering Occupied Building With Intent in 1990 a month after his armed robbery offense and again before he was sentenced on his prior crimes that had a sentence of 10-30 years.

That they let this guy out on parole is a rather damning indictment of the justice system. If they had kept him in on the full amount for even one of those he wouldn't have been released until 2020 and he would not have been out for the 2005 or 2018 home invasions.

The online records don't go back farther than that but I'd expect he didn't just get started in 1989. He's also got a list of aliases about a mile long as well.

I don't think the rehabilitation concept took hold in this case.

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