Monday, January 08, 2018

P30SK Hits 1,000 Rounds

Yesterday, I went to a nearby indoor range with a very good client of mine.

I brought along a few firearms as did he, the subject of which will get their own posts once I process a few pictures.

We both shot a total of 200 rounds through the P30Sk, bringing the round count up to 1,000.

That's 1,000 rounds through with only one failure (round 22) which was not due to the firearm.

He also brought along his HK VP9SK, the striker-fired version of the P30SK. The trigger on that firearm has to be felt to be believed.

Certainly the best striker-fired trigger I've shot, and it is unmodified right out of the box and was both lighter and smoother than the PS0SK's LEM trigger, making it easier to make accurate and speedy shots. Very impressive indeed and I could get badly spoiled with a trigger like that. No failures observed on the VP9SK either.

Afterwards, we got together with the families for dinner and had a great time.

A very nice way to spend a Sunday.

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