Monday, January 22, 2018

Women's March On Lansing Michigan Is Quite The Intersectional Freak Show

There was a Women's March in Lansing Michigan and the articles on it are fertile ground for mockery.

The Detroit News: Women’s march pushes Trump opposition at Capitol

“It’s a war on women. We need to arm ourselves,” said attendee Lynn Park, 53, who traveled from Westland.
Not so fast, after all the march attendees were pushing for gun control and victim disarmament: The Detroit Free Press: Women's March 2018: Resistance continues in Lansing, Michigan and around the world

Emily Durbin, state chapter leader of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, spoke, too, saying gun violence is a women's issue.

"Women must be empowered to take back the conversation in this country about public safety and freedom, authentic freedom. We will not be silenced by the NRA's leadership, who fan the flames of misogyny and racism to incite fear and to turn around and sell weapons to fight that very fear they themselves created. ... Women of all backgrounds must stand together and disarm hate."

Yep, after you get through that ideological word salad, you're left to arm yourselves only with protest signs and the dialectic, as that's all you'll get from the intersectional leadership.

The insanity of the Theory of Intersectionality was on prominent display, basically creating a grievance-fest of every possible sort, many of which, if the attendees stopped to think about it were actually opposed to each other in terms of goals and focus, except for all of them hating on President Trump, of course.

Think of the march as Mardi Gras for the perpetually grieved. As the pictures in the articles show they came dressed up for it.

Think illegal immigration activists bemoaning deportation of illegals; BLMers; abortion activists; Americans from African countries annoyed that the nations they fled to come here are labelled shitholes; queers; trans; and every xe in between were all there in pussy hats and waving nonsensical SJW signs pushing their own particular cause celebre and raging that Donald Trump has taken their freedoms away and locked them all in camps.

Except, of course, he hasn't.

But they push for change and that's good right?, and as soon as they figure out what the ideologically correct change is, they'll let us all know.

They exhorted the crowd to vote like-minded politicians out of office, or even run themselves, during the midterm elections in 2018.

“We are the leaders we have been looking for,” said speaker Phoebe Hopps, who organized the Lansing rally.

Statements really don't get much more vapid and vacuous than that. After all if you were the leader all along that you were lookign for, then while you were busy looking for a leader that makes you a follower, or just lacking vision and self-reflection?

But not to worry, there's a Democrat candidate for governor there to use the movement and try and springboard her otherwise undistinguished and unaccomplished self into the governor's seat, using the logic that if there's a crowd , it's best to get in front of it:

In a separate gathering, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Gretchen Whitmer told a group of supporters the midterm elections were critical because the winners could redraw congressional districts.

“We have nine months. Women can do miraculous things in nine months,” she said to cheers

However, Gretchen Whitmer advocates and would likely abort the miraculous thing before it becomes viable in nine months, and her candidacy is certainly fighting for viability right now, just sayin'.

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MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I always get a laugh at these "Women Marches". They are a litany of grievances and you are right 1/2 would cancel out the other half with the exception of their hatred of Trump. The sad thing is that they act this stupid in a western based nation and if we do what they want, we will be in a craphole nation and their rights would stop. Try protesting for womens rights in China or Zimbabwe, reality would visit them in a hurry.