Thursday, January 04, 2018

No Happy Glow Of A HALO

Murphy's Law reports on the successful completion of the transfer of his Gemtech HALO, which I did get to shoot when visiting him in the Big Easy.

We each bid on used Gemtech HALO's from the same dealer on the last day of the NRAAM - Paducah Tactical in Kentucky run by Stephen Douglass and both won our bids on used Gemtech HALO suppressors.

In April 2017, right after winning the bid I duly sent in my money via money order for the suppressor and $18 for shipping and my SOT FFL's paperwork for the transfer and patently waited for the NFA Branch to do their paperwork processing and waited some more.

Well, the day came when the initial transfer paperwork from Paducah Tactical to my dealer was approved and he then shipped it via Postal Service Priority Mail in June 2017 to my dealer, with tracking information. Should be simple, right?

Not so much.

Apparently the Post Office tried to deliver to my dealer on a day he was not open and they did not leave a notice that they had a package for him. They tried to deliver it once.

Then the package . . . . disappears.

The Post Office has no trace of it, it was not returned to Kentucky, it is not at my dealer's local Post Office where the last scan said it is, in fact it has vanished without neither a trace nor an explanation.

My dealer checks into it and is told by the Post Office that they don't have it here. Paducah Tactical says they check their post office and no record there either. Both request the Post Office trace it and nothing happens.

This gets to be more fun.

So it is clearly lost without a trace and my dealer both reports it as lost to the Post Office as a lost item and to ATF, as apparently does Paducah Tactical. I go personally to the Post Office and have them search for it again and also file a lost report. Unfortunately, I cannot make an insurance claim on the package as I'm not the sender, only Paducah Tactical and Stephen Douglass can do that.

Unfortunately Paducah Tactical and Stephen Douglass have failed to refund my money on this and he/they are the only ones who could do an insurance claim on the package as they are the senders. Requests for refunds have been met with silence.

As such, if you do any businessmen with Stephen Douglass and Paducah Tactical, I'd say its a 50/50 chance you'll either end up happy like Murph or screwed out of your money like me. You have been warned.


B said...

Twould seem that if they did not deliver, then they owe you.

But then again, I am not an attorney.

Aaron said...

Yes, that would be my take on it as well. Especially if he did an insurance claim and got paid twice. Even if not, risk of shipping is on seller until received anyways.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Jeez, that sucks....Hope you get it fixed before you go "all lawyer on them."