Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Singapore Day 4 - The Zoo

After the cooking class we headed back for a nap and then headed out for our next adventure.

The Singapore Zoo is very large and a first-rate establishment with a variety of animals. Click any pic to embiggen as they say.

There were Wallabies

A majestic White Tiger

Orangutans, including an orangutan doing a John Travolta impression:




Elephants, that put on a show:

There were many animals I had never seen in person before, including a Rock Hyrax:

A Komodo Dragon:

This large lizard:

A sloth bear:

The rare White Rhino:

The zoo also had an enormous Crocodile:

Amazingly, just 6 degrees north of the equator, they had a polar bear. He was kept in a very cold area behind some plexiglass hence the lousy picture, but still, a polar bear in the tropics - he did not appear to be a very happy camper.

Lots of other animals and birds were at the zoo and we spent a lot of time traveling to the various exhibits.

Then we had a snack and waited for the sun to go down and then did the Night Safari. On the Night Safari, you ride a tram to see the animals at night. This was neat as obviously many animals are more active in the cool of the night, and in some areas you drove through the animal areas and got very close encounters indeed. Unfortunately, there was no flash photography and no pictures, bit it was a very cool experience.

Singapore has a very large and impressive zoo.

That was a very full day indeed.


Old NFO said...

Never made the zoo there, matter of fact, I'm not sure they had one back in the 70s... :-)

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Singapore is on my bucket list....did you see any of the war ruins from WWII there? like the coastal batteries?

Aaron said...

Old NFO: It apparently opened in 1973, pretty cool zoo indeed.

MrGarabaldi: It was well worth the trip - clean, safe, and tons of interesting things to see and to do. Quite the experience. I did indeed see some things from World War 2, stay tuned.