Sunday, September 24, 2017

P30Sk Hits 800 Rounds

The P30Sk ate 100 rounds Winchester White Box, 100 Rounds Prvi Partizan, and 50 rounds of S&B today, and all ran through the P30SK without a hitch.

I did two runs of Dot Torture at 5 yards.

Let's say the results were pretty underwhelming and rather motivating.

Diagnosis: Much more practice is needed. Neither were shot clean although surprisingly, the left hand only shooting was perfect on both. I figure each time I go to the range I'll shoot at least one dot torture among other drills. Hitting steel plates and poppers is fine but the fine accuracy required in Dot Torture especially the very precise sight line up, should I keep drilling it, will likely pay off.

On the upside, with Leah running the timer, I shot 6 plates, 10 poppers and two times two rounds to the A zone on two paper targets in 21.20 seconds, which felt pretty good after the dismal Dot Torture performance.

That's 800 rounds through with only one failure (round 22) not due to the firearm.

I also took Leah to the range today.

Leah had fun with the M&P 22 compact, the Springfield 1911 9mm and both the M&P 15-22 and she got to try an AR15 for the first time. She did great and had fun with everything. I also ran Leah through a modified Dot Torture with the M&P Compact with no holster draws or speed reloads - she realized it was harder than it looked so we'll work on some accuracy on her part as well. On the other hand, at about 12 yards, she seriously went to town with the M&P 15-22 and kept 30 shots on a paper plate with no problems and enjoyed herself shooting it immensely.

A darn good range trip.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Working with your kid at the range is a good thing and of course being at the range period is a good thing.

Aaron said...


It was a very hot but very fun outing enjoyed by both of us.