Thursday, September 07, 2017

Jett's First Encounter With Chemical Warfare

Last night Jett and Rocky were playing in Rocky's yard after quite awhile of not playing together due to summer travels and various scheduling differences.

They played and then ran around to the back of Rocky's house -- and then suddenly all was silent.

We called them back and there was a rather indescribable pungent odor accompanying them.

Jett had gotten skunked - right in the face.

The smell was unlike what you would have expected, more like a concentrated foul burned fuel/chemical smell than the skunky smell normally associated with skunks. But it was bad indeed, real bad.

So we whipped out the baking soda, peroxide and dishwasher soap and tried to decontaminate Jett right there. Unfortunately in our haste we didn't wear gloves so my hands needed a thorough decon as well. Jett did not enjoy the process of being repeatedly washed down with the mixture and washed off with a hose, and then he spent the night in our garage which now smells pretty darn bad.

He's fine but has a lingering foul smell associated with him, especially if you're downwind.

It's always something with these dogs.


juvat said...

Been there, done that. I'm assuming you used a dish soap that specifically advertises grease cutting (e.g. Dawn)? That's what breaks down the compound and cuts the smell faster. All 4 of our dogs have been slimed (a couple more than once, slow learners) and we've haven't had any residual smell on them after washing using the whole batch (1 bottle of Peroxide).

Course that could be that Northern Skunks stink worse that Southern ones. Just sayin'

drjim said...

Poor puppy!

I'm wondering how ours is going to do out in Colorado.....

Aaron said...

juvat: Yep, along with multiple applications from the batch - some still lingered. It seems to have been a very enthusiastic skunk indeed. Probably an Antifa-type skunk (wears black, stinks, and hates American running dogs so it kinda fits).

drjim: Yep, he was not a happy camper.

Murphy's Law said...

Oh man! I can sympathize. Sucks to be you and/or Jett.

Comrade Misfit said...

Tomato juice is what I remember using to decon a dog post-skunk