Friday, September 22, 2017

Lost Whaleback Freighter Sunken In 1924 Is Finally Found

David Trotter and his dive team have found another of the great lost ships of the Great Lakes.

The S.S. Clifton sank in 1924, a 300 foot long freighter, eluded discovery until now. The last missing sunken whaleback freighter on the Great Lakes, she was finally discovered in 2016 and the discovery is now revealed.

Found 100 miles from her last known position in Lake Huron, it's another significant find and the wreck seems to be in excellent shape, complete with artifacts aplenty.

The Detroit News: Freighter missing in Lake Huron since 1924 found

The Detroit Free Press: Mystery solved: S.S. Clifton discovered in Lake Huron - The articles includes a link with photos and video (once you get past the annoying video ad) taken by the divers, who include a few of my dive buddies. It's always fun to recognize someone by their drysuit, fins and scooter when they're part of a historic discovery.

Darn nice work guys.

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