Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Singapore Day 3 - Resorts World Sentosa

On Day 3 of our trip, we took an Uber to Sentosa, Singapore's Resort Island, connected via a bridge to Singapore proper.

From Sentosa, you can get a decent shot of the Singapore skyline and docks.

As you can see, it was a rather overcast day, with rain to come. It did rain at least for a bit every day we were there, typically in the afternoon for an hour or so, that's life in the tropics when you're all of 6 degrees north of the equator.

Sentosa has casinos, Universal Studios, an aquarium and other fun things to do.

We were originally going to go to Universal that day.

Unfortunately it seemed the entire population of southeast Asia decided to go there that day as well.

That's just the line to get to the line to get tickets to get in.

Turns out, it was both mainland China and the Philippines end of school period and everyone had brought themselves and their kids to Universal. Hours to get in to stand in line for hours for rides in the heat and humidity was not exactly going to be a great way to spend a day.

Since that was not going to turn out well, we decided to go to the Aquarium instead, which while rather busy was not as crazy as Universal, not to mention it was indoors and rather cool.

It had huge tanks and a walk through tube so you could really get a good look at the sharks and other aquatic life close up.

All sorts of marine life were represented, from jellyfish to dolphins and everything in between.

Then we decided to wander around Sentosa Island, and after spending a good hike sightseeing, we decided to look for some lunch.

Sentosa had quite a few choices including Starbucks and Krispy Kreme, and the kids wanted to try an Italian restaurant.

We did not however try the Durian pizza:

Our Durian eating experience came later. The food was decent but nothing to blog about.

Then we left Sentosa, went home for a nap as the jet lag was demanding tribute, woke and headed out to Bugis Market and the Arab area of Singapore.

The market has tons of stuff - food, trinkets, shlocky shirts, groceries and other household goods, and it was pretty full of people.

Then as the sun went down we headed out for dinner and browsinf various shops in the Arab street.

The Masjid Sultan is rather a prominent landmark in the area:

Various small shops selling middle eastern arts and carpets abound in the area, especially on the Arab Street.

Then we went to a road that had been closed to all but pedestrian traffic and was lined with restaurants all offering some sort of middle eastern food with patio and indoor seating.

We decided on a Turkish restaurant and ordered a lamb dish that came in a clay pot, on fire, to your table before being opened up in front of you:

Tasty lamb inside, cooked to perfection:

After that we wandered around a bot more and then went home.

It was a very full day indeed.


Murphy's Law said...

Did you tell the kids that they were eating lamb, aka: Sherri Lewis' little buddy?

And where are the pics of the illicit arms bazaar, and my souvenir from there?

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

What schlocky souvenirs did you scarf up from the market?

Aaron said...

ML: A lab discussion was had including the whole circle of life, and world views were changed.

No illicit arms bazaars in Singapore unfortunately, quite the opposite.

MrGarabaldi: Some shlock was indeed purchased, to be described later.