Monday, September 04, 2017

A Labor Day Quiet Kayak Course

This morning the family drove up to Heavner Canoe Rental inside the Proud Lake State Recreation area.

We had booked a couple of tandem Kayaks and after filling out the ubiquitous waiver were equipped with paddles, life jackets and two decent Kayaks and we headed down the Huron river. Quite a few other people had the same idea but Heavner had everyone pretty well spaced out so it felt like we were often the only ones on the river which made for a peaceful, quite and scenic journey, interrupted in spurts by the kids (each of them in the bow of our respective Kayaks) demanding to race each other.

We did a leisurely paddle that was supposed to take 1.5 hours in one hour, arriving at our stop in Central Park in downtown Milford. It was a nice relaxing morning on the river - we saw deer, swans, storks, and tons of turtles as we paddled our way along. Next time I'll have to bring a camera along on the trip, suitably protected from the water.

Once in Milford, we stopped for some lunch and then were picked up and brought back to the starting point.

Everyone enjoyed the activity and we plan to do it again during the fall season, and perhaps do a moonlight paddle as well. Heavner runs a very nice operation indeed.

A nice relaxing way to spend a Labor Day morning before the hectic pace of the school year kicks off again tomorrow.

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