Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Hillary's Song Today: Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Clinton

Anyone else would have been indicted.

But thankfully for Hillary, thanks to a 'chance' meeting on the tarmac between Lynch and Bill Clinton, as well as the fact that the Justice Department is run by Democrats and wasn't about to indict their candidate for office for crimes that anyone else would have been and indeed have been prosecuted for, she's going to be the next President of the United States.

When the director of the FBI comes out and indicates that laws were indeed broken but he feels a prosecutor will not indict you know the fix is in. Funny as to what prosecutor could possibly have told him that, right? Oh, you can put your hand down now Ms. Lynch.

So the Direcotr of The FBI has now stated he won't recommend charges. It is a sad day for the rule of law in this country and a smack in the face to law abiding Americans. Politics blatantly trumped the rule of law today, make no mistake.

People I know with security clearances are furious with this decision, and rightly so. This decision, and the final comment that such leniency and getting a kitchen pass certainly would not apply to them is a terrible insult. (Note: I do not have nor claim to have a security clearance, nor do I play one on TV).

The just application of laws in this country now seem to only apply to the little people, namely those whose last names aren't Clinton and those who are not affiliated and highly connected with the Democrat party.


drjim said...

Indicted? Geesh, if I would have pulled a stunt like that when I was entrusted with classified information I would have been tossed into prison so fast I wouldn't have known what hit me.

Brigid said...

We all take the courses (with tests) EVERY year that lays out VERY explicitly what the rules are for the email system and records. I know if I break them, I turn in my credentials, lose the security clearance and am out of a job. But I'm not running for President.