Thursday, July 07, 2016

Flying Lesson #65 - More Landings At Romeo

Overall a decent lesson. I flew us over to Romeo and then did a normal landing followed by three no flap performance landings which went pretty decently. The shimmy damper started acting up after the first landing which was interesting. The last landing, being a no flap slip with right rudder and left aileron had us land a bit too much off center to the right of the centerline, something to work on, it was a fair bit of drift during the flare which was annoying.

I then flew us back to Pontiac and the landing started first being told to do a right base to final on 27R. So we lined it up and got ready and were cleared to land on 27R. We were heading for it and were past the airport fence and on the glide path almost ready to land on 27R when they suddenly shifted us over to 27L as a helicopter hadn't cleared 27R yet.

A little bit of short notice, but it worked out ok.

1.4 and 5 landings that are coming along ok.

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Flugelman said...

Kinda like the time going to Miami Int from Key West. They had sent me overhead for a left base to 26R at well above pattern altitude and as I got to mid-field tower calls and asks "Can you make it from there?". "Oh hell yes" sez I, full flaps, no power, and aim for the end of the runway with a tight turn for a very short final. Fun non-standard approach.