Friday, July 01, 2016

Not Flying Lesson - Clouds Lead To Ground School

The weather was IFR, changing to marginal VFR but with a cloud layer below pattern altitude so it was not going to be a VFR day. The thunderstorm that came through last night brought some much needed rain to the area, but the cumulus clouds are hanging around too low for comfort.

Instead Ray gave me an hour quiz in preparation for the oral portion of the checkride.

He seemed quite happy with my understanding, sans references, of airspace rules, private pilot privileges and limitations, and basic instrument functioning and error diagnosis. I apparently got a pretty important airspace question right that every other one of his students has goofed up.

I do need to brush up a bit on some of the internals of the instruments and their terminology. Aneroid wafers are easy to remember for some reason, but other internal components of the various instruments, not so much.

Still lots more to learn, relearn, and keep learning even more....

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