Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dogfight: The Jett and The Migs

This Jett and This Migs:

Yes, the black and white rag-mop of a puppy is named Migs.

He thinks Jett is the best dog since sliced bread. Migs, when being walked, will sit by our house and refuse to move until Jett comes out.

Then they practice their dog-fighting skills:

Jett is quite tolerant of Migs jumping up on him.

He'll gently retaliate by running circles around Migs and then jumping over Migs and then running back to play.

They get along fine, both being good-natured dogs, and good friends.


Old NFO said...

On the good/bad scale, that's a GOOD thing...LOL

Harry Flashman said...

He must be a Mig 15, since he's so small.