Monday, July 11, 2016

But It's Never My Fault!. . . . . .

An interesting legal encounter with a less accomplished member of the criminal class.

Said person came to me for representation involved with him being accused of disorderly conduct at a public location.

Of course he claimed the entire event is just a misunderstanding, clearly not his fault, and the public personnel there who had contacted the police at the time want the whole matter dropped.

Of course they do, right?

Not so much.

In fact according to the prosecutor, the public officials at the location very much want it to go forward and their written statements at the time and some very nice video of the event which is pretty darn definitive that indeed he did it make it pretty darn conclusive.

The video does indeed show the disorderly conduct in stunning color, if not high definition.

The prosecutor offers a very nice deal of probation and some anger management counseling, which is indeed a nice deal given he's got a case all wrapped up with a pretty ribbon here for a 90 day misdemeanor.

Of course the potential client doesn't want that because it's not his fault and it's all a misunderstanding. This is all further complicated by his being on probation for a DV misdemeanor conviction which is again, accordingly to him, based on a misunderstanding and not his fault.

Getting the pattern here?

The fellow is rather heavily disconnected from reality, and I'm sure his medical marijuana card and use thereof isn't helping with that attachment to reality thing either.

So no, he's not using my services.

He will apparently be seeking other counsel who will agree with him that it's not his fault and that he can beat the impressive array of evidence nicely stacked against him by claiming its all just a misunderstanding. I expect the judge and jury on seeing the video evidence of his disorderly conduct and testimony from witnesses present will disagree rather strenuously with his perception.

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Anonymous said...

I like quoting such clients an exorbitant retainer fee. Usually, they go away. But if they pay, well.... .