Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Garden Not Fun Day

More home maintenance, this time of the outside.

There's a lot of very neglected landscaping that had been let go by the prior owners and now it was time to really work on it beyond the annual weeding and mulching we've been doing. We have been working on it one garden bed at a time trying to get the weeds under control.

Today's job was the large bed bordering the left side of the house.

My initial plan of using a flamethrower to clear the weeds was sadly vetoed. That would have been cool, or actually hot.

For this side instead we had brought lots of mulch - 14 bags, weed cover, weed bags, etc, cutting tools and saw were at the ready.

Here's before:

Many of the weeds you see at the very back are taller than I am.

After weeding, going back to Home Depot for even more mulch, - another 10 bags - and more is still needed, cutting down tree limbs, and then moving all the weed bags and tree limbs down the hill to get to the street we have this:

Whew. Such weeds. Much soreness. Wow.

All that work deserved sitting back and enjoying this:

It looks great, so I guess the effort was worth it.