Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fun Client Relations Activities

Yesterday, I went to work and then went to visit a client at his place of business and then at his range.

I brought along my P30 and put another 50 rounds through it, making it 1000 rounds even through with no issues and no cleaning. Still as accurate as ever.

I also brought a new toy to the range. You could call it: A man, a can, a plan.

Yes, I finally got the Form 4 approved for the Gemtech Outback IID suppressor - it took almost a year, and since I had bought it on sale a year ago, the transfer tax was just a few dollars less than the cost of the can itself.

To say it is quiet is an understatement. With subsonic 22 it is practically silent, and it ran fine with Aguila SSS rounds, and I now need to buy more of those. With ear protection on you can't tell that you're shooting it by sound. With CCI mini-mags you can still hear the crack of the bullet but it is still attenuated to the point that you can shoot without any ear protection. It's an excellent training aid for any noise-shy new shooters as on the M&P Compact 22, it is still nice light and doesn't affect the balance of it nor the sight picture at all.

I will say that getting the S&W factory installed thread protector off the barrel was a royal pain that required a vise and a whole lot of force.

Of course, what would a private range trip be without an Uzi present? Uzis, after all, have a definite role in developing positive client relationships.

The client in question is the owner and operator of Wicked Grips.

To say he makes awesome-looking and functional grips and other neat add-ons is an understatement.

In addition to pistol grips, he has a grip series out for the AR-15 that changes the feel to that of a 1911 grip and it does improve the feel and ergonomics over the standard grip. I got to try a set out on one of his AR15s and it does really change the grip angle nicely. Seeing his shop is akin to being a kid in a candy store.

I also got to try out quite a few of the guns he has including the PS90 which is awesome to shoot - no recoil and with a 50 round magazine in a compact and accurate package its some of the most fun you can have. I also got to shoot his semi-auto RPD that he is tinkering with to develop new grips and such, as well as multiple AR15 variants he's been working on.

We had one of his employees and a fellow firearms-related business owner for this outing and everyone got to shoot the Uzi and the can as well as an assortment of other firearms.

An excellent time was had by all.

Some clients are just awesome to have.

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