Sunday, May 06, 2012

Walk For Israel 2012

In addition to diving, today was also the day for the annual Walk for Israel here in the Detroit Area.

So right after the dive, I quickly changed and headed to Shir Shalom Synagogue which was hosting the walk and served as the origination point.

There was a very large turnout and the parking lot was full when I got there so I parked elsewhere and then linked up with the family and friends.

There was pizza, bounce houses for the kids, and speeches from various notables as people arrived. Lots of US and Israeli flags were handed out for the march.

Then the walk began.

It was a big turnout and at the turnaround point it looped around with lots of families marching together.

A great turnout, I'd estimate over 3,000 people in a very well organized, enthusiastic, peaceful, and orderly event.

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