Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Reciprocity, Tasers, and Positive Firearms Coverage, Oh My!

Some positive signs the pro-gun ownership side is wining:

    1. SayUncle reports that Oklahoma has passed a law for reciprocity with other states' carry permits. Michigan already ahd a reciprocity agreement with them, but its nice to see them move towards accepting all Americans' permits

    2. Governor Snyder signs law allowing Concealed Pistol Licence holders to carry tasers under the same rules as for carrying a concealed pistol.

    Notably, the antis go into frightened hysterics in the comments accompanying the article, with the same unoriginal fears of "shock in the streets" rather than blood in the streets - the same old hand wringing and scare tactics as usual.

    3. The Livingston Daily covers youth shotgun practice in a positive manner

    3. The Livingston Daily also goes on to have a relatively balanced piece on the proposal to reform the carry laws to have a second level permit that allows carry in the current forbidden zones.

    Of course, they give the first lengthy comment to an anti claiming that it will increase danger in schools, because we all know that the law totally stops criminals from bringing guns to schools now right?

    The proposed change in the law is causing some worries.

    A dispute among divorced parents in a school principal's office could take a fatal turn if a parent is carrying a firearm, regardless of training, said David Campbell, superintendent of the Livingston Educational Service Agency intermediate school district.

    "The principal should never be wondering, 'Is this person going to have a gun?' " Campbell said.

    "I don't think schools should be absolved from the gun-free zones. I think we should be protected in that way," he added.

    A little magic thinking about the power of a law to stop someone bent on mayhem from carrying there, now isn't it?

    I'd be worried if Superintendent Campbell is telling principals in his district that they currently have no need to ever worry about firearms in their schools thanks to the current law. Sheesh.

    I am disappointed the Livingston Daily didn't remark in the article that all the previous claims of blood in the streets were similarly for naught.....

Not a bad round-up, tempered by the ridiculous grandstanding of some Democrats in the House to try and tie repeal of stand your ground laws to highway financing (note: that's one heckuva constitutional stretch there Dems, the seat-belt/highway funding doesn't analogize. Idiots). On the upside, it provides further evidence for the the point that yes, the Dems are still trying to be active on the gun control front.

Update: That bit of Democrat anti-gun grandstanding didn't last long: Amendment withdrawn before being found out of order.

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ProudHillbilly said...

The antis should be happy about the tasers - much safer you know.