Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ezra Klein And The Blue On Blue Of The Elites

The more I think on the Ezra Klein article, the more this just seems to reflect what Instapundit calls the inter-elite class struggle.

In this case a well-to-do elite Democrat Journolister versus the now even richer elite Democrat Facebook investors.

After all, Facebook is quite a blue company. A look at its political contributions shows it to be a loyal Democrat contributor, with payments to Nancy Pelosi and other Dems. Even a look at their individual employee contributions shows a massive majority giving funds to Democrats.

It could just be that Klein is annoyed that he wasn't an accredited investor and couldn't get in on the deal like his other blue elite friends.

So the whole outrage and bemoaning of lack of opportunity to invest expressed in his article is really just a reflection of the ongoing blue-on-blue extravaganza. The lesser elites annoyed that the greater elites just got an opportunity to widen the gap between them.

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