Monday, May 28, 2012

Saturday At St. Mary's Fair

As is now a memorial Day tradition, we took the kids to St. Mary's Fair, the largest high school fair in the USA.

The weather was cool and overcast, and while the day began with showers, it kept the crowds low and the temperature cool to make it an enjoyable event, at least until the major rainstorm later/

Its fun watching them grow and be interested in and able to ride a lot more of the attractions. Of course, since Natasha doesn't like rides like roller coasters and such I was the accompanying adult on all these adventures.

Of course the carousel is a classic that they had to ride and was just about the gentlest they went on that day:

They could both ride the bumper cars and Abby was able to drive in her own car for the first time. Suffice it to say once this kid starts driving my insurance rates are going up.

They then decided to set their sights higher and higher:

It then started raining heavily so we took a break for lunch in the food tent and Tash and I shared a great Polish combo that had kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and some other fine delicacies that was great. The kids being less adventurous had the more standard fair fare.

The rain stopped and we returned to the midway. It turns out that Leah is the more fearless of the two, or at least lacks a greater sense of self preservation. She enthusiastically went on the kiddie roller coasters, swings that took you very high into the air and swung you around so you were parallel to the ground in your seat, and many other attractions. I was required to go on them with her so I was able to get the full experience.

After some persuading, Abby agreed to try the roller coaster and announced she liked it, so I ended up riding it another 10 times in a row between the two of them, in every possible seat. I can report the very front is fun as you can't see what is immediately ahead, but the very back subjectively moves faster and has wilder side to side motion.

The three of us then went on the Ferris wheel for some high aerial views of the fare:

Yet another great day at St. Mary's Fair.

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