Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some Ediots on Ebay.....

So, I'm selling a surplus Marine ILBE backpack on Ebay. The pack is great - internal frame, comfortable, great for camping etc.

I put up multiple photographs showing exactly what is included, namely the mainpack and it is titled as such. Because these packs are so modular (you can add different hip belts, pack tops, sleeping bag and radio carriers and more to it) the picture and description both explicitly say its the main pack and anyone looking at the pics can tell its just the pack.

So I get a question and the following exchange ensues:

    From: usn308 
    To: Me
     Subject: Details about item: usn308 sent a message about MARPAT ILBE Main Pack Gen2
     Dear Me, What is NOT included??? - usn308
     Dear usn308,
     The pack itself is complete. It does not have the add on pack top or the waist belt. Shoulder straps, metal ribs, internal divider, back plate are all present. - Me
     Dear Me, 

    Make up your damn mind, is it complete, or is it without the top cover and waist belt? Ever hear the term "mealymouth? - usn308 
     Dear usn308, 
     As you should know, it is a modular pack and the main pack is as it is. What you see is what you get so no there is no hip belt, add-on top cover, mortar tube carriers, sleeping bags or other.

    Do try to be less insulting next time.

    Dear Me, You should go into politics---Perfect mentality for it! - usn308 
    From: Me 
    To: usn308 
     So let me see if I got this straight: You ask a question about an item for which there are multiple pictures showing exactly what it has, and to which I give a detailed and correct answer. You then reply in an insulting manner. I then reply again with a further detailed answer and you again reply in an insulting manner - so, who's being the politician here? In any case, it is obvious that you're trolling and not serious about bidding on the pack. As such, I bid you good day and have a nice weekend, I know I certainly will.


In short, that user was the standard keyboard kommando - less interested in bidding and more in just being an impolite jerk and troll. Ah well.

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