Thursday, May 24, 2012

That Threat Will Not End Well

Yahoo News: Disappointed in Obama, New Black Panthers openly consider ‘the bullet’

This exercise in rhetorical stupidity is brought to you by the people that put a $10,000 price on Zimmerman's head, intimidated voters in Philadelphia, and whose offshoot with the same name threatened to burn down the City of Detroit Down.

What could possibly go wrong?

The small but vocal New Black Panther Party is woefully disappointed in President Barack Obama, and is openly implying that the best way to reach its goals is no longer through “the ballot” but through “the bullet.”

Ah, will this be an opening for Obama to have a Sister Soulja moment? After all he's currently having a reverse Sister SOulja moment so the inverse may be possible.

Should we expect the left to complain and demand action about such extremist rhetoric?

I suspect we'll be waiting quite a while.

In the Spring edition of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) newspaper — cover reading “The Ballot or The Bullet: which way for black people?” — NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz breaks down the presidential election, concluding the Democratic Party is the “institutional pimp of Black peoples and the Black Nation” and that Obama has “been a real disappointment.”....“Black America, you must decide who will best represent you in 2012. You must decide if you will choose the ballot as a means to change, or the bullet,” Shabazz wrote, adding that “demanding change does come by any means necessary.”

According to Shabazz, dropping the 2008 voter intimidation charges against the NBPP was one instance in which Obama did the right thing.

Whether this is just planned distancing so Obama can appear to be moderate by comparison, or an example of the NBPP flexing its muscle knowing they're effectively given carte blanche for intimidation by Obama's Justice Department remains to be seen.

Expect more of this kind of leftist rhetorical extremism as the campaign season continues.

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Scott said...

Since the NBPP is given a pass by the "Justice" Department, I wonder what, if anything, those on the receiving end of the NBPP bullets would do about it?