Thursday, May 10, 2012

Press Going Back To The Future On Romney

Yep, the press in its attack dog on Republicans mode and has dug up an incident involving Romney -- dating back to 1965.

The Detroit Free Press: Romney led 1965 Cranbrook bullying incident over student's hairstyle, Washington Post reports

As a student at Cranbrook in 1965, Mitt Romney led a group of classmates in an attack on another student who was held down while Romney clipped off his long blonde hair with scissors, the Washington post reported today, quoting other students who participated in the incident.

In an interview Thursday on Fox News radio Romney said: "Back in high school, I did some dumb things. And if anybody was hurt by that or offended by that, I apologize."

"There is no question I became a very different person since then," Romney said.

Yep, the focus is on Romney's mistake in committing a prep school stupid prank that took place in 1965, over 46 years ago.

Meanwhile, the press remains rather wholly incurious over our current President's past and indeed in his administration's current and far more serious scandals.

If they have to dig 46 years back to come up with bad things about Romney, it indicates a fair bit of desperation on their part. Or, this is just the opening salvo in the MSM's bid to deliver their 15 point boost for President Obama this go-round.

However, It is rather refreshing to see the media curious again about a presidential candidate.

I guess it takes a Republican contender to make the media return to their watchdog rather than lapdog mode.

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