Friday, April 29, 2011

More Detroit and Wayne County Fun With Gun Permits

Apparently the corruption in Detroit has even reached the issuing of Concealed Pistol Licenses at the County level:

The Detroit Free Press: Ex-assistant says Wayne County clerk fired him over gun permit questions

The fired deputy chief of staff for Concealed Pistol License processing(talk about bureaucracy when you need a deputy chief of staff for such things...) alleges that clerks were offering expedited service for issuance of the permits in return for a $50 expediting fee. This is bad enough considering there is no provision for such a fee in the law, nor any proof the fees did anything other than allegedly lining some clerks' pockets.

He also, and even more disturbingly, alleges that permits were being issued to felons and other disqualified individuals who are not otherwise eligible for a permit.

Before shall-issue became law in Michigan, it was pretty well known and understood that the only way you could get a permit in many counties was to be connected politically or make an appropriate monetary contribution. It is sad to see that some in Wayne County are allegedly carrying on that tradition.

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