Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arab League wants a No-Fly Zone over Gaza.

Not to stop Hamas and friends from firing missiles at Israeli schoolbuses of course, but to stop any defensive response.

Low Dog on the Totem Pole makes some good points on the absurdity of the suggestion.

As I recall, members of the Arab League have tried to create no fly zones against Israel in the past. The last time such a thing was tried it didn't work out too well:

It is generally accepted that in the course of the first attack against the Bekaa an 9 June 1982, the IAF destroyed 17 of the 19 Syrian SAM batteries and their radar sites, as well as 29 Syrian Air Force (SAF) fighters, without loss. The following day, the IAF destroyed the remaining two missile batteries. The SAF once more challenged the Israelis and lost approximately 35 more aircraft, again without downing an Israeli aircraft. By the end of July, Syria had lost at least 87 aircraft
Good luck with that one Arab League, and quit trying to have the west do your anti-Israeli activities for you.

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Spikessib said...

I'm not counting on it, but I hope that even if the UN is so stupid as to attempt this the Coalition of the Unwilling to Upset the Arabs will recognize that it's not a brilliant idea. The Israelis do fight back and very effectively.