Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Pool is Open! Dive #175 in Union Lake

Spring is here, the ice was off the lake, and it was time to go diving. Chad, Rob and I headed into Union Lake to shake off the winter blahs and check our newly serviced equipment last night.

The details:
Time: 35 minutes
Average Depth: 28 feet.
Water temp: 45 degrees.
500 psi used.

The water was markedly warmer than it was during my last dive in December when it was 36 degrees, but at 45 degrees its not exactly what you would call warm. I had on a heated vest that we're still testing and while it disconnected itself under water it did provide a nice initial kick of heat. A bit more product improvement and I'll be comfy.

There were lots of lake life on display as no boats had yet gotten in the water to scare the fishes.

Lots of large bass, a blue gill and even a large pike was seen near the boat launch. Once the boats enter the water the pike will be gone from the area to be seen only farther and deeper out into the lake.

Many crayfish were in abundance, lots of small bass and other fish were seen and there were three mudpuppies to be seen, including a very cute little one.

So a very good dive indeed. Buoyancy and trim was good on the dive, all the equipment functioned properly and no problems. Then we went to the Sweet Water Bar and Grill for some adult beverages to celebrate the opening dive.

It was a nice, enjoyable dive and a good way to open the season.

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