Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dive 176 - Union Lake on Easter Sunday

The dive was originally set for noon today but unbeknownst to me was rescheduled for 8:30 am later last night after I had gone to sleep. Luckily some other divers namely James and also decided to skip the 8:30 dive and we met around 3-ish and got in the water.

There's already some boat traffic on Union Lake but it wasn't too bad. Visibility was considerably less than just 11 days ago with quite a bit more weed growth and the boats are already stirring things up.

There was quite a bit of lake life to be seen: A huge Bass that got close enough to practically touch and a ton of crayfish, some approaching red-lobster-for-dinner size.

We also chanced upon two crayfish having an amorous encounter, something you don't see everyday. There was also a spurned crayfish just a short distance away feeling all rejected. We left the crayfish undisturbed in their crustacean reproduction efforts and continued on our way.

The dive was very good, I was feeling great, buoyancy and trim well under control and I had a great time, even if a bit chilly. A good time with some friends on an Easter Sunday afternoon.

The Details:
Dive Time: 38 Minutes
Max Depth: 37 Feet
Water Temp: 46 degrees
Air consumption: 700 PSI.

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