Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Outing with Murphy's Law and the Pig

As Murphy's Law has related, he traveled to this pleasant peninsula and together we went to the fabled pit to play with his new M-60.

I also had a chance to shoot my new-to-me PA-63 and Bulgarian Makarovs, and a more detail review of both will come later.

I also shot my M&P 9, but it was so windy our target stand wouldn't stay up so fast draws on cans and boxes had to suffice.

But back to the important stuff: Shooting the M-60.

In one word - Awesome!

Murphy's Law on the M-60:

In seven words: - I gotta get me one of these:

 At the very least, I call designated ammo bearer Assistant Gunner.


Murphy's Law said...

It's called "A-Gunner, or "Assistant Gunner". And you've got the job.

Of course that's only because Murphy lacks thumbs and cannot change out hot barrels.

Good times. Smoking, in fact.

Old NFO said...

Ah... a familiar sound... :-)